GINZA TOMATO Rose Placenta® Deep Drop DD Cream 50g
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GINZA TOMATO Rose Placenta® Deep Drop DD Cream 50g

10,000 JPY

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Skin care Cream 50g Made in JAPAN Undiluted cosmetic series. Water no addition Cosmetics combined with highly concentrated plant extract and Rose placenta extract*. *Damask Rose Placenta cultured extract(skin conditioning agent). It is made of sugar maple sap (moisturizing ingredient) without using water. The first ever from Ginza Tomato, ultra concentrated protection cream. This item allows for a full facial moisture application with a small amount or use a little extra for a prolonged moisture protection. Convert Japanese Yen to Russian Rouble Convert Japanese Yen to Euro Convert Japanese Yen to US Dollar Convert Japanese Yen to British Pound Convert Japanese Yen to Israeli Shekel Convert Japanese Yen to Kazakhstani Tenge