KOSE CLEAR TURN Babyish Precious Oil-in-Milky Mask 5sheets (3types)
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KOSE CLEAR TURN Babyish Precious Oil-in-Milky Mask 5sheets (3types)

1,400 JPY

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  • Whitening

  • Moisturizing

  • Plumping

27ml*5sheets Made in JAPAN Customers in their 20s who want to use the sheet mask to make the skin moist and resilient like a baby. Contains ingredients that act like a veil, for highly hydrated baby skin. Convert Japanese Yen to Russian Rouble http://x-rates.com/calculator/?from=JPY&to=RUB&amount=1400 Convert Japanese Yen to Euro http://x-rates.com/calculator/?from=JPY&to=EUR&amount=1400 Convert Japanese Yen to US Dollar http://x-rates.com/calculator/?from=JPY&to=USD&amount=1400 Convert Japanese Yen to British Pound http://x-rates.com/calculator/?from=JPY&to=GBP&amount=1400 Convert Japanese Yen to Israeli Shekel http://x-rates.com/calculator/?from=JPY&to=ILS&amount=1400 Convert Japanese Yen to Kazakhstani Tenge http://x-rates.com/calculator/?from=JPY&to=KZT&amount=1400