GINZA TOMATO Supplement for those with higher cholesterol 30days
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GINZA TOMATO Supplement for those with higher cholesterol 30days

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supplement Made in JAPAN 4tablets/1day The graph shows how LDL cholesterol (left) and total cholesterol (right) decline when ingesting this supplement for 12 weeks. *red line is this product, blue line is placebo item. with water at a convenient timing. Procyanidin derived from pine bark 2.46 mg (as procyanidin B 1) in 4tablets "Foods with Function Claims" in JAPAN information: Registration number : A282 Because the French coastal pine receives strong sea breeze and ultraviolet rays all year round, the bark is strong and has the power to protect oneself. Polyphenol "procyanidin" contained in the bark was extracted by the patent manufacturing method. When people with higher total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol ingested for 12 weeks, total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol decreased. One in three out of middle-aged and elderly women is concerned about cholesterol. In addition, the average value of bad cholesterol in the blood tends to rise from the age of 40. When bad cholesterol increases in the blood, it accumulates in the blood vessel, and it may cause serious adverse effects on health. As there is no subjective symptoms, it is important to take early countermeasures against bad cholesterol, which is scary if left untreated. This product contains procyanidin derived from pine bark (as procyanidin B1), so it has a function to lower total cholesterol and bad (LDL) cholesterol. Therefore, it is a food suitable for those concerned about cholesterol. by Google Translate Convert Japanese Yen to Russian Rouble Convert Japanese Yen to Euro Convert Japanese Yen to US Dollar Convert Japanese Yen to British Pound Convert Japanese Yen to Israeli Shekel Convert Japanese Yen to Kazakhstani Tenge