MIKIMOTO COSMETICS HERCHE Cleansing Cream / Foam 120g
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MIKIMOTO COSMETICS HERCHE Cleansing Cream / Foam 120g

5,184 JPY

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Made in JAPAN 120g No fragrance / coloring / using ultra pure water / allergy tested Please choose from 2 types. Cleansing Cream Cleansing Foam Cleansing Cream A soft cleansing cream and make-up remover that gently lifts and removes dirt while retaining moisture. Cleansing Foam A rich cleansing foam that removes dirt and rinses clean while maintaining moisture. Series Overview HERCHE is a deep moisturizing skincare series that promotes healthy, and moist skin. The series enhances the skin’s own natural moisturizing capabilities while reducing the effects of “hidden inflammation.” By infusing ingredients such as Pearl Collagen ®*2and Pearl Conchiolin®*3, pearl ingredients that provide excellent moisturizing power, Isodonis Japonicus Extract*4 and Rosa Roxburghii Fruit Extract*5, plant extracts that prevent you from having rough skin, and Eisenia Arborea Extract*6 , a seaweed extract that traps moisture under the skin, it leads to puffy, moist, and lustrous skin. *1 A condition in which the skin’s smoothness and radiance are lost due to loss of moisture. *2 Succinoyl Atelocollagen (moisturizing ingredient) *3 Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Protein (moisturizing ingredient) *4 Isodonis Japonicus Leaf/Stalk Extract (moisturizing ingredient) *5 skin conditioning ingredient *6 moisturizing ingredient A new approach to treating dryness and other effects of aging*1, for deeply moisturized, more lustrous mature skin. HERCHE is a skincare series designed to help mature skin recover its natural beauty by preserving moisture. Through intense moisturization, the series restores moisture and firmness, reducing the signs of aging in mature skin gradually through daily use. Convert Japanese Yen to Russian Rouble http://x-rates.com/calculator/?from=JPY&to=RUB&amount=5184 Convert Japanese Yen to Euro http://x-rates.com/calculator/?from=JPY&to=EUR&amount=5184 Convert Japanese Yen to US Dollar http://x-rates.com/calculator/?from=JPY&to=USD&amount=5184 Convert Japanese Yen to British Pound http://x-rates.com/calculator/?from=JPY&to=GBP&amount=5184 Convert Japanese Yen to Israeli Shekel http://x-rates.com/calculator/?from=JPY&to=ILS&amount=5184 Convert Japanese Yen to Kazakhstani Tenge http://x-rates.com/calculator/?from=JPY&to=KZT&amount=5184