Dr.Ci:Labo SUPER100 Series Mega Placenta W [Salmon & Caviar] 63ml

Dr.Ci:Labo SUPER100 Series Mega Placenta W [Salmon & Caviar] 63ml

14,721 JPY

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High concentration serum / concentrate 63ml Made in JAPAN Regular size (27ml): https://tod.stores.jp/items/5bd6a9c0ef843f5e3d000185 The salmon placenta contains 19 kinds of amino acids, collagen, chondroitin, etc., and because it has a small molecular weight, it can more surely infiltrate the beauty components to the corners of the stratum corneum. Caviar Placenta contains very abundant peptides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Please combine several drops when using your cosmetics. You can also use thick essence as it is. ※ After opening please keep in the refrigerator. ※ Please do not mix cosmetics itself beforehand, please add it every time skin care. by Google Translate Convert Japanese Yen to Russian Rouble http://x-rates.com/calculator/?from=JPY&to=RUB&amount=14721 Convert Japanese Yen to Euro http://x-rates.com/calculator/?from=JPY&to=EUR&amount=14721 Convert Japanese Yen to US Dollar http://x-rates.com/calculator/?from=JPY&to=USD&amount=14721 Convert Japanese Yen to British Pound http://x-rates.com/calculator/?from=JPY&to=GBP&amount=14721 Convert Japanese Yen to Israeli Shekel http://x-rates.com/calculator/?from=JPY&to=ILS&amount=14721 Convert Japanese Yen to Kazakhstani Tenge http://x-rates.com/calculator/?from=JPY&to=KZT&amount=14721