FANCL BEAUTY RISE 180tablets 30days
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FANCL BEAUTY RISE 180tablets 30days

5,719 JPY

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Skin care Supplement Made in JAPAN [Patent products] FANCL's finest beauty supplements that sought the aging science. The feature is "AG polyphenol", a cosmetic ingredient that combines pomegranate flower polyphenol and apple polyphenol. Every day youthful, transparent and firm, to the beauty that changes from the inside out. *Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding or children. 180tablets (30days) 6tablets / 1day AG polyphenol extract powder: 10mg, HTC collagen (collagen peptide with high tripeptide content): 1000mg, Rosebud extract powder: 10mg, Hydroxytyrosol: 20mg, L-cystine: 240 mg, Vitamin C: 300mg in 6tablets with water at a convenient timing. Convert Japanese Yen to Russian Rouble Convert Japanese Yen to Euro Convert Japanese Yen to US Dollar Convert Japanese Yen to British Pound Convert Japanese Yen to Israeli Shekel Convert Japanese Yen to Kazakhstani Tenge